This pic may be a bit unfair, because I don’t think Barry could rap a minute without losing consciousness. 

This artcle from this weeks Economist:

“Conscious rappers are often well-meaning. Dead Prez, a duo from Florida, sometimes toss apples into the audience to encourage healthy eating. But when it comes to more contentious political issues, hip-hop offers no plausible solutions; only impotent and sometimes self-destructive rage. In “Lost in tha System” by Da Lench Mob, for example, the vocalist says, of a judge: “He added on another year cos I dissed him. Now here I go gettin’ lost in the system.” The disrespect in question was a suggestion that the judge perform fellatio on him.

Fans love rappers partly because they strike such a confrontational pose. Dead Prez sometimes burn dollar bills to protest the evils of capitalism, and their lyrics accuse teachers of teaching “white man lies”. Mr McWhorter summarises the message of hip-hop as: “Things will keep sucking until there is a revolution where the white man finally understands and does a complete 180-degree turn.” This was true half a century ago in the segregated South. But today, it is nonsense. ”


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Squandering every opportunity and advantage to attain the highest political office on earth, from massive funds to fawning media to public school trained socialist groupies by the millions, B.O. has probably turned the corner of exposure with one more cheap, fraudulent, low road tactic…race baiting.

I wonder just what our friends at the DNC are thinking when this marionette of a candidate blurbs his latest gaffe, all the while assuming the idiocy of the average U.S. voter. Obama’s a professional elected official, knowing no lie or crime he is unwilling to commit in order to attain power. Bill Clinton with a tan isn’t unreasonable. Can you say Machiavelli?

 National Review


Think about this for a minute.

Who would want any harm to come to cute, loveable, wild animals? Whose heart strings wouldn’t be touched by possible suffering of God’s creatures, who exist at the mercy of evil man and his destructive engines of industry and his polluting, consumerist lifestyle? How could any person turn a deaf ear to protecting defenseless creatures, especially when sinful human excesses are causing global trauma in the worlds animal communities? Be ashamed Human. Be very ashamed.

Oh, and here’s a way to purge your sinful transgressions, return to guilt free activity and maintaining life as you want it, assuming you can afford to. You, too, can continue to live exactly as you had before. All you have to do is send cash to the appropriate sin-elimination center of your choice, and they will plant trees or build a big windmill for you and your loved ones. Eco-sin problem removed, life goes on.

Well, not exactly. But then, religious charlatans go back eons. The difference now is, where guilt and shame are necessary human emotions to cause a search for relief and purpose in life, eco-guilt is a sham, set up to extort cash and power from other humans.

People are, after all, spiritual beings. Longing for a connection with something bigger and grander than everyday human life is universal. Filling this inner need, this unfilled void that plagues us all, is a vulnerability waiting to be exploited, sometimes by the most bizarre, and even destructive.

Enter the Church of Anthropogenic Climate Change and Guilt Relief Sales Center.

“Moreover, there has been a conscious awareness that religious fervor would be needed to energize the environmental movement. As Joseph Brean points out in his recent National Post review of Dr. Orrell’s book:

“Forty years ago, shortly after Rachel Carson launched modern environmentalism… a Princeton history professor named Lynn White wrote a seminal essay called the Historical Roots of our Ecological Crises: ‘By destroying pagan animism, Christianity made it possible to exploit nature in a mood of indifference to the feelings of natural objects. Since the roots of our trouble are so largely religious, the remedy must also be essentially religious, whether we call it that or not.’ It was a prescient claim. In a 2003 speech… Michael Crichton… closed the circle, calling modern environmentalism ‘the religion of choice for urban atheists… a perfect 21st century re-mapping of traditional JudeoChristian beliefs and myths.”

Now, there is nothing wrong, and a lot right, with the human instinct to try to understand man within a larger transcendental context. The arrogant and monstrously dilated individual human ego is the direct cause of much of mankind’s suffering throughout our benighted existence.

And while I have my own religious thoughts, I will not disdain any man’s search for the transcendent. But a religion should be understood by both its adherents and others for what it is — a religion. The trouble with global-warming believers is that probably most of them delude themselves into thinking they are practicing science — not religion.

And yet, the signs of religiousness are readily to be seen. Al Gore and his Hollywood coterie have almost comically manifested one aspect of their new religion in the last few weeks — the sense of sin and the search for remission of such sin.”

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Gore uses religion to attract global warming converts
Global warming: bogus religion of our age

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Iranian manipulation and subversion of Iraqi national interests, and fighting a war against the US by proxy through funding and arming both sides of the sectarian violence, has it’s natural conclusion in attempts at financial dominance as well. Read about this intrusion into Iraq’s business.

Another natural extension of this theme brings to mind the recent revelations about Bank of America offering credit cards to illegal aliens, with no social security numbers. What’s the signifigance? Well, for starters, surrender to change most often occurs incrementally. Little by little, step by step and one day, you look up and your kids are grown, your wrinkled and gray, your life has flown by.

America’s life changing event’s are flying by, and we’re too busy shopping to notice. By 2050, with current proposals to manage illegal immigration becoming law, the current alien population will swell from 12-20 million to 100 million, including relatives brought in legally and sheer demographical realities. A decidedly spanish speaking, unassimilated, poorly educated underclass will be inhabitating the United States in the near future.

Who is at work in favor of this monumental, radical change to America? They are myriad, and motivation to perpetrate this reduction, or elimination, of sovereignty varies from group to group. Government needs tax receipts, primarily social security funds. Business needs warm bodies to man heavily labor intensive positions. Politicians need votes, and although most illegals are Catholic, and not supporters of abortion on demand and homosexual marriage, Democrats hope handouts will woo support. Radical, socialist open border types support any movement aiding in weakening and diluting American cohesion. Not to mention political efforts of Mexican nationalist groups like LaRaza (The Race), among others.

Creating a North American Union to compete with the EU is underway. Allowing Mexican trucks to move freely throught the US has altered commerce and represents one more incremental change toward the ultimate goal of North American consolidation. Allowing transfer of cash to Mexico from American banks, again without SS numbers, and very cheaply amounts to another baby step to ending America as we know it.

Surrender to forces that will eliminate America sovereignty, borders, and authority has taken place in some quarters of society. In spite of illegal status, profiting is underway, refusal to stop the flow is self evident, and it’s obvious the average citizen doesn’t waste time fretting the change.



Speaking of undocumented illegal aliens, check this out.

Check this out: America, Melting pot? or Chef’s salad?


There is nothing new under the sun.

If you’ve never heard or seen something before, then it’s new to you, but not new to the human experience. “New and Improved” means more of the same, old, tired stuff, but tweaked a little. If your young, or just beginning your journey of education, many times old, tried and failed ideas are perused and pondered. Often, with no historical perspective, and no understanding of resulting damage and misery, ideas that, at first reading, seem quite enlightened, or progressive, or socially just, are not, and never were.

I was once a wide-eyed, bushy-tailed sponge, gleeful at hearing something, anything, new. Newness in itself was all an idea needed to catch my attention, so easy to get carried away with the possibilities. Being young, and never too young to lack originality, successfully searching for truth and concepts that displayed the world in an understandable, knowable way became an ongoing struggle to accomplish. It seemed that I was always learning something new, but unable to find absolute knowledge, or a completely trustworthy source.

Weighed down with one vain philosophy after another, a myriad of seemingly reasonable, swell sounding visions or plans, upon many more, and at a point I don’t remember precisely, I stopped looking. The mass of contradiction, the dissapointment in realizing last months pure, truthful understanding was just eclipsed by todays, being annoyed that everywhere you turned, someone had all the answers, all the “truth”, all that you’ll ever need for a lifetime of happiness and fulfillment, but did not, finally wore me down.

At this juncture, I had a choice. I could work backwards, dust off some previously discarded world view, dismiss contrary opinion, overlook perceived flaws and act upon what’s left. Or, remain vigilant, keep an open mind, continue to work at my search more earnestly and, in short, never give up until substance is realized and true peace of mind are in hand. Trite,but true: the more you learn, the more you realize what you don’t know.

Where are you?

Something worth reading about and following. Thanks Tammi
American Thinker
Exerpt from:
“Global warming as European Imperialism”
James Lewis

“Americans are prone to ask “why do they hate us?” A good answer is that we’re the leading pop culture of the world — which is why teens all over the world imitate American rock music, wear torn jeans, and cuss in English. Europe is elite-driven, and elites despise ordinary people; it’s their main source of self-esteem. So today they say they hate us because of Global Warming, but for many years they hated us for the West’s failure to help the Soviets and Chinese become high-polluting industrial giants. It used to be not enough pollution; today it’s too much.

The underlying psychological drive hasn’t changed. Imperialism has always been primarily driven not by greed but by a lust for glory: The self-glorification of elites with fragile egos. When you do the math, some scholars aver, the British Empire under Queen Victoria cost more pounds than it earned for Britain, but that wasn’t the point. The Empire demonstrated the superiority of the British ruling class. Today, substitute the “BBC Class” for “British upper class,” and you’ve got the same thing.

The BBC Class considers itself internationalist, socialist, and Green (and not just with envy). The Greens are of course Reds with camouflage paint. After the USSR fell of its own internal contradictions around 1989, the Left needed a new shtick. They could not admit that free markets and democracies worked better than their engrained ideology. So they found a different set of reasons to do the same thing. The old way was European imperialism à la Karl Marx. The new way was European Imperialism à la Al Gore.”

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I found this at Hugh Hewitt’s blog. If your wrestling with a fat ego or delusions of grandeur, and your not a fool, you might learn a little something here about the future of mankind, and tone down the intensity of your self importance, as well as lighten up a little on the confrontational thing. History repeats itself because there’s nothing new under the sun.

Anyone reading this that’s never made the same mistake twice, raise your hand.

That’s what I thought.

It’s way too early to start slamming power hungry people clamoring for the presidency and all it’s trappings. But, what the hell. Besides, somebody’s got to do the job of president and it’s always a fistfight, so why not enjoy the action.

Hillary just can’t handle losing untold millions in lefty Hollywood donations, especially cash she had already spent assuming thing’s go as usual. A major benefactor had a few not so nice things to say about Billy and Hillary, and they responded with a little verbal leg breaking of their own:

“While Senator Obama was denouncing slash and burn politics yesterday, his campaign’s finance chair was viciously and personally attacking Senator Clinton and her husband.

“If Senator Obama is indeed sincere about his repeated claims to change the tone of our politics, he should immediately denounce these remarks, remove Mr. Geffen from his campaign and return his money.

“While Democrats should engage in a vigorous debate on the issues, there is no place in our party or our politics for the kind of personal insults made by Senator Obama’s principal fundraiser.”

Remember, this is from a CLINTON adviser. (no giggling, please.)

I’m reminded why I love politics so much.

A funny reminder why nobody likes a tattle tale:
Nancy P. just couldn’t handle having the truth told on her. Thanks: Scolai

Interesting commentary here about the smartest woman in the world. Thanks Bridget

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