Far out, dude.

Ever wonder why the Left in America seem’s so willing to promote just about anything that furthers legal aid and protection for foreign terrorists?

It’s no coincidence that the Socialist Left and Islamist desires to destroy America make for a cozy partnership. A match made in hell, certainly.

You might enjoy a video reminder of the recent history of Jihad, and another video expressing the connection between modern Islamist ideology and their historical counterparts.

Islam is not really about sawing the heads off of unbelievers, at least not right at first.

An important intermediate step is allowing unbelievers to live in submission to muslims, if a long list of do’s and dont’s are followed to the letter and something called a jizya, or poll tax, is willingly paid and you behave as one who has been subdued. So, technically, you could bribe your way into avoiding death. You might regret your decision, once the myriad of opressive measures were inflicted upon you, but you would still be breathing.

While in this no man’s land of dhimmitude, and paying a prohibitive tax for the pleasure of remaining on Muslim land, you might have second thoughts. Keep in mind, this tax supports Muslim life. The booty from conquered lands was substantial, and motivated much of the agressive warring activities of Islam, while the tax was an ongoing interest payment for putting up with the infidel monkeys and apes in their midst. Booty in warring action’s payed for further such activity.

The next most logical step would be submission to Islam, and forsaking any behavior not specifically aligned with Quranic teachings. However, your never truly accepted as a Muslim, nor a convert, but rather a revert, since according to Islam, everyone is a Muslim, they just don’t know it yet. So, even in this submitted state of an actual Muslim, your never really an insider.

Now we arrive at the beheadings, a favored way to take the lives of those who refuse to submit to Allah. Done properly, this is at best gruesome, but effective for killing, and sends a powerful political message.

So, if anyone says the terrorists want to cut your head off, they’re right. But, historical Islam thought it wiser collecting an income from those they conquered, rather than killing the golden goose of their dhimmi’s.

Nothing has changed. The identical Islam is practiced by fundamentalist Muslims worldwide, with the majority preferring to practice the lukewarm version rather than the historical one, so beheadings are a recent reinstatement, and take place in Saudi Arabia and Iran frequently, along with stoning women to death and chopping off the hands and/or feet of thieves.

Western sensibilities may be offended by these truths, I know I was. With the sweet moniker of the “religion of peace”, the dismissal of Islamist threats, and relegation of terrorists attacks to isolated incidents committed by unstable “youths”, joining those who ignore these realities takes no effort. Do nothing, believe what your told, and presto! No Islamic terrorist threat. Only a handful of “extremists” who hijacked the religion.

I would encourage a little reading, a little study, no imagination necessary. The facts of history speak for themselves.

Belgian Left joins with growing Islamic population