It’s way too early to start slamming power hungry people clamoring for the presidency and all it’s trappings. But, what the hell. Besides, somebody’s got to do the job of president and it’s always a fistfight, so why not enjoy the action.

Hillary just can’t handle losing untold millions in lefty Hollywood donations, especially cash she had already spent assuming thing’s go as usual. A major benefactor had a few not so nice things to say about Billy and Hillary, and they responded with a little verbal leg breaking of their own:

“While Senator Obama was denouncing slash and burn politics yesterday, his campaign’s finance chair was viciously and personally attacking Senator Clinton and her husband.

“If Senator Obama is indeed sincere about his repeated claims to change the tone of our politics, he should immediately denounce these remarks, remove Mr. Geffen from his campaign and return his money.

“While Democrats should engage in a vigorous debate on the issues, there is no place in our party or our politics for the kind of personal insults made by Senator Obama’s principal fundraiser.”

Remember, this is from a CLINTON adviser. (no giggling, please.)

I’m reminded why I love politics so much.

A funny reminder why nobody likes a tattle tale:
Nancy P. just couldn’t handle having the truth told on her. Thanks: Scolai

Interesting commentary here about the smartest woman in the world. Thanks Bridget