Iranian manipulation and subversion of Iraqi national interests, and fighting a war against the US by proxy through funding and arming both sides of the sectarian violence, has it’s natural conclusion in attempts at financial dominance as well. Read about this intrusion into Iraq’s business.

Another natural extension of this theme brings to mind the recent revelations about Bank of America offering credit cards to illegal aliens, with no social security numbers. What’s the signifigance? Well, for starters, surrender to change most often occurs incrementally. Little by little, step by step and one day, you look up and your kids are grown, your wrinkled and gray, your life has flown by.

America’s life changing event’s are flying by, and we’re too busy shopping to notice. By 2050, with current proposals to manage illegal immigration becoming law, the current alien population will swell from 12-20 million to 100 million, including relatives brought in legally and sheer demographical realities. A decidedly spanish speaking, unassimilated, poorly educated underclass will be inhabitating the United States in the near future.

Who is at work in favor of this monumental, radical change to America? They are myriad, and motivation to perpetrate this reduction, or elimination, of sovereignty varies from group to group. Government needs tax receipts, primarily social security funds. Business needs warm bodies to man heavily labor intensive positions. Politicians need votes, and although most illegals are Catholic, and not supporters of abortion on demand and homosexual marriage, Democrats hope handouts will woo support. Radical, socialist open border types support any movement aiding in weakening and diluting American cohesion. Not to mention political efforts of Mexican nationalist groups like LaRaza (The Race), among others.

Creating a North American Union to compete with the EU is underway. Allowing Mexican trucks to move freely throught the US has altered commerce and represents one more incremental change toward the ultimate goal of North American consolidation. Allowing transfer of cash to Mexico from American banks, again without SS numbers, and very cheaply amounts to another baby step to ending America as we know it.

Surrender to forces that will eliminate America sovereignty, borders, and authority has taken place in some quarters of society. In spite of illegal status, profiting is underway, refusal to stop the flow is self evident, and it’s obvious the average citizen doesn’t waste time fretting the change.



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