There is nothing new under the sun.

If you’ve never heard or seen something before, then it’s new to you, but not new to the human experience. “New and Improved” means more of the same, old, tired stuff, but tweaked a little. If your young, or just beginning your journey of education, many times old, tried and failed ideas are perused and pondered. Often, with no historical perspective, and no understanding of resulting damage and misery, ideas that, at first reading, seem quite enlightened, or progressive, or socially just, are not, and never were.

I was once a wide-eyed, bushy-tailed sponge, gleeful at hearing something, anything, new. Newness in itself was all an idea needed to catch my attention, so easy to get carried away with the possibilities. Being young, and never too young to lack originality, successfully searching for truth and concepts that displayed the world in an understandable, knowable way became an ongoing struggle to accomplish. It seemed that I was always learning something new, but unable to find absolute knowledge, or a completely trustworthy source.

Weighed down with one vain philosophy after another, a myriad of seemingly reasonable, swell sounding visions or plans, upon many more, and at a point I don’t remember precisely, I stopped looking. The mass of contradiction, the dissapointment in realizing last months pure, truthful understanding was just eclipsed by todays, being annoyed that everywhere you turned, someone had all the answers, all the “truth”, all that you’ll ever need for a lifetime of happiness and fulfillment, but did not, finally wore me down.

At this juncture, I had a choice. I could work backwards, dust off some previously discarded world view, dismiss contrary opinion, overlook perceived flaws and act upon what’s left. Or, remain vigilant, keep an open mind, continue to work at my search more earnestly and, in short, never give up until substance is realized and true peace of mind are in hand. Trite,but true: the more you learn, the more you realize what you don’t know.

Where are you?

Something worth reading about and following. Thanks Tammi
American Thinker
Exerpt from:
“Global warming as European Imperialism”
James Lewis

“Americans are prone to ask “why do they hate us?” A good answer is that we’re the leading pop culture of the world — which is why teens all over the world imitate American rock music, wear torn jeans, and cuss in English. Europe is elite-driven, and elites despise ordinary people; it’s their main source of self-esteem. So today they say they hate us because of Global Warming, but for many years they hated us for the West’s failure to help the Soviets and Chinese become high-polluting industrial giants. It used to be not enough pollution; today it’s too much.

The underlying psychological drive hasn’t changed. Imperialism has always been primarily driven not by greed but by a lust for glory: The self-glorification of elites with fragile egos. When you do the math, some scholars aver, the British Empire under Queen Victoria cost more pounds than it earned for Britain, but that wasn’t the point. The Empire demonstrated the superiority of the British ruling class. Today, substitute the “BBC Class” for “British upper class,” and you’ve got the same thing.

The BBC Class considers itself internationalist, socialist, and Green (and not just with envy). The Greens are of course Reds with camouflage paint. After the USSR fell of its own internal contradictions around 1989, the Left needed a new shtick. They could not admit that free markets and democracies worked better than their engrained ideology. So they found a different set of reasons to do the same thing. The old way was European imperialism à la Karl Marx. The new way was European Imperialism à la Al Gore.”

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