Think about this for a minute.

Who would want any harm to come to cute, loveable, wild animals? Whose heart strings wouldn’t be touched by possible suffering of God’s creatures, who exist at the mercy of evil man and his destructive engines of industry and his polluting, consumerist lifestyle? How could any person turn a deaf ear to protecting defenseless creatures, especially when sinful human excesses are causing global trauma in the worlds animal communities? Be ashamed Human. Be very ashamed.

Oh, and here’s a way to purge your sinful transgressions, return to guilt free activity and maintaining life as you want it, assuming you can afford to. You, too, can continue to live exactly as you had before. All you have to do is send cash to the appropriate sin-elimination center of your choice, and they will plant trees or build a big windmill for you and your loved ones. Eco-sin problem removed, life goes on.

Well, not exactly. But then, religious charlatans go back eons. The difference now is, where guilt and shame are necessary human emotions to cause a search for relief and purpose in life, eco-guilt is a sham, set up to extort cash and power from other humans.

People are, after all, spiritual beings. Longing for a connection with something bigger and grander than everyday human life is universal. Filling this inner need, this unfilled void that plagues us all, is a vulnerability waiting to be exploited, sometimes by the most bizarre, and even destructive.

Enter the Church of Anthropogenic Climate Change and Guilt Relief Sales Center.

“Moreover, there has been a conscious awareness that religious fervor would be needed to energize the environmental movement. As Joseph Brean points out in his recent National Post review of Dr. Orrell’s book:

“Forty years ago, shortly after Rachel Carson launched modern environmentalism… a Princeton history professor named Lynn White wrote a seminal essay called the Historical Roots of our Ecological Crises: ‘By destroying pagan animism, Christianity made it possible to exploit nature in a mood of indifference to the feelings of natural objects. Since the roots of our trouble are so largely religious, the remedy must also be essentially religious, whether we call it that or not.’ It was a prescient claim. In a 2003 speech… Michael Crichton… closed the circle, calling modern environmentalism ‘the religion of choice for urban atheists… a perfect 21st century re-mapping of traditional JudeoChristian beliefs and myths.”

Now, there is nothing wrong, and a lot right, with the human instinct to try to understand man within a larger transcendental context. The arrogant and monstrously dilated individual human ego is the direct cause of much of mankind’s suffering throughout our benighted existence.

And while I have my own religious thoughts, I will not disdain any man’s search for the transcendent. But a religion should be understood by both its adherents and others for what it is — a religion. The trouble with global-warming believers is that probably most of them delude themselves into thinking they are practicing science — not religion.

And yet, the signs of religiousness are readily to be seen. Al Gore and his Hollywood coterie have almost comically manifested one aspect of their new religion in the last few weeks — the sense of sin and the search for remission of such sin.”

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