Have you ever wondered how an actual Imam, with authority over the very thoughts, actions and attitudes of fellow muslims, would answer actual questions from the “flock’? Do you think you might gain valuable insight from reading questions and answers for everyday living regarding muslims? Well, your in business. I’ve provided a link to just one of many “Ask the Imam” types websites, which field questions from mundane, minor theological matters to terrorism, treatment of women and finance.
Just pick a topic, and enjoy.

If your reading this, your probably not muslim, and wouldn’t have a clue where the nearest mosque or madrassa was in your neighborhood. Now, with a few keystrokes, you can locate everything from Islamic houses of worship to the most convenient middle eastern grocery store. Never be without a first hand knowledge of muslim centers of religion and commerce in your town again.

One continual complaint of Islamic leaders, that tend to be vocal about the need for an active fight against the enemies of Islam, is that Western authorities trot out former muslims to do their bidding, and that they shape, bend and twist “true Islam”. Well, the people behind this website are just that, former Iranian worshippers, who now wish to expose true Islam for what it is, and what it has always been. Hint: the penalty for converting from Islam to anything else is death, no Q&A, period. These folks are committed.

Finally, a static resource I rely upon, among many, is this website which has many layers and works to provide depth of understanding about Islam, not just from a religious perspective, but culturally, politically and with an eye toward presenting reams of information in a reader friendly style.