Rules are sometimes difficult to follow. I’ve broken my share and I’ve been everything from ashamed and embarrassed to humiliated for doing so. But, you live and learn. Or so, that’s the plan.

 What would your life be like and what would the ultimate penalty be if , for some reason, you just couldn’t play by the rules? You just couldn’t go along with the program? Just weren’t able to color inside the lines? Just plain refused to submit to authority?

The obvious answer would be in prison or dead. That seems to be the remedy that’s universal, either lock ’em up or you die at the hand of the state executioner, a fellow law-breaker or your own. Not a lot of other options that I can see.

 But, what if you were convinced that whatever action you decided upon had the express approval of your friends, associates, family and God himself? What if there were no need to fear death? What if a violent death was the first step on the road to paradise, the beginning of an eternity full of pleasure and  joy you can only imagine, one of total satisfaction, delectation and contentment?

What if your memory would be preserved and you were given a holy status among those you left behind, and the assurance that others whom you knew would be joining you soon? What if ridding the world of those who are enemies of your faith, and killing as many of them as you could when you go, would guarantee the highest reward available? Hey, it’s all right there in the book!

How could you resist? How could you put off such bliss?

How could you be so stupid? Who would believe your own death helped anyone else? Who would rather die than live? Who would even think this kind of fairy tale was real? More importantly, who would brainwash a young man or woman to believe, and act, on this chicanery? Who would ask their child to die for a political cause dressed up as a religious one? Well, no need to look very far.

One thing this world has is a vast surplus of warm bodies that believe Islam is to dominate and be spread throughout the world and if that means they must die to give that idea life, they will.

No amount of force, threat, promise or pander will dissuade the zealous. They are on a mission, a mission that may take a long, long time. One thing fundamentalist jihadis have is time, and in general, are a very youthful group replenished at a thriving rate. 

And most important, they have the will.

It seems there are those in America who would shoot the nation in the foot while an effort is being made to reduce this threat. There are those that seek to prevent the full measure of force from being brought to bear. There are those who would run, hide and pretend things will work out happily ever after if we only dodge the issue or blame someone else because they haven’t solved the problem. There are an even larger group of Americans who imagine that this isn’t a problem at all. 

When you don’t know what to do, and you do nothing, you invite others to make decisions for you.

The others in this case would end your need to decide for yourself forever.