Just today, elitist, radical, Marxist influenced, racial bigot B. H. Obama expressed the absolute, urgent need to redistribute the wealth in America, creating a more “fair” condition and giving hope to it’s citizens by changing the degree to which we reach out and help those in need. Now, there are no limits…equal economic circumstances will soon be mandated by government (see Socialism). Taxing the evil rich people with their fat cat corporations will soon finance a wave of fairness and equality across the land.

My guess is more Americans think this is a great idea than find it scary and disturbing. Why? Mostly because the government monopoly school system has reared tens of millions of good little socialists who look to government for everything and who think that’s just fine. Also, with morally bankrupt young people and older warmed over commies seeking the end of capitalism, the stage is set for the destruction of the greatest nation in the history of the world…rotted from the inside out.

Both parties have failed the nation…deep debt and political cowardice have allowed the pendulum to swing toward change for it’s own sake, fostering radical idiotic notions that punish earners and accomplishment. Do you have more than you really need? Whether you do or not, plan on having a much, much larger share of your income being confiscated by your friend, the government.

Ronald Reagan said if someone knocks at your door and says they’re from the government and here to help, RUN. Apparently, this lesson has been forgotten. Mommy government is here to stay, and so is keeping much less of your own money.

But, look at it this way. Your fellow Americans will enjoy a higher standard of living and take pleasure in all the “free” government handouts. What? Aren’t you a patriot?