Global warming skeptics are finally coming out of the darkness into the spotlight, bringing their claims of insufficient study, disarming alarmist predictions and verifying what was suspected all along: no one really knows what conditions will be like in 20, 50 or 100 years, and never did.

I’m assuming Al Gore, Leonardo DiCaprio and company will become vegans, not vegetarians, immediately, considering there’s no time to lose and flooding up to the third floor of the Empire State building in New York is a serious matter. After all, since we now know cow flatulence causes more greenhouse gas than all motorized vehicles worldwide, doesn’t it make sense to eliminate all meat eating? But, I suspect nothing along these lines will occur because the fraudulent nature of the catastrophic climate change hoax is known all too well by it’s perpetrators.

Don’t expect a rapid backpeddling by eco-religionist’s any time soon, because the faith-based enviro-movement is about Socialist ideology, not science and not facts.

The sheepish, slave-like mentality of this movement’s adherents is shocking. Pride is an ugly thing, and letting go and admitting aligning with a falsehood, being duped, and investing emotionally in this big lie is a step that will only lead to relief and healing.

Just do it. has a great post with plenty of solid informational links.