I’m pleased to see 60 Canadian scientists implore their government to withhold billions in tax dollars allocated to implement the Kyoto protocols. Their research shows that, knowing what we do now about Co2 and other “greenhouse gas” emissions, signing on to Kyoto’s regulations weren’t necessary in the first place. The estimated temerature change of 0.0015 degree celcius and a cost of 150 billion dollars relegates this failed boondoggle to the ash heap of history, or so you would think.

Insisting the Canadian government revisit shaky claims of anthropogenic, catastrophric global warming and reel in environmental knee-jerk restrictions caused by junk-science, the group hopes that a sounder platform be constructed of actual, provable scientific investigation and not merely guestimations akin to the previous global scare of an impending ice age, which failed the test of time.

Imagine your whole world view of a condition ending with the literal drowning of billions of people being surmised and solidified by viewing a cartoonish docu-drama produced by a politician whose goal is to become president of the United States, and who wrote a book highlighting the need for the banning of the gasoline combustion engine. Think this guy might want to exaggerate the dark side? Uh, yeah.

The new “green” president would then propose, and see through a willing Congress, environmental strongman legislation and executive signing statements directing massive government intervention into the everyday lives of citizens and Orwellian abuses unlike America has ever seen, all in the name of the “common good” and salvation of mankind.

No way, you say? Has anything the UN supported EVER been good for the US or any free people on this earth? Absolutely not.

I implore any other scientific body to petition their respective governments, insisting federal funds be withheld until REAL science can be applied to this issue. No more pandering to leftists worldwide, itching for control of money and power to implement far reaching, draconian regulation created to thwart commerce and destroy personal freedoms.

In typical, capitalist fashion, odd for a leftist, Dion also had this to say about the MONEY MAKING aspects of climate change exploitation.

Excellent resource for exposing global warming chicanery.

Another global warming exaggeration.