I don’t suppose it’s fair to assume the worst of your political opposites at every turn. It’s probably not very tolerant to even suggest that there are those who would rather see America fail than to offer all the help they can muster.

In the good old days, there used to be something called the loyal opposition. When the nation faced a crisis, the leaders of the nation would set aside petty partisan politics and work together to solve the problem. If there was internal struggle reaching a consensus, the old rule was that criticism of the country stopped at the seashore.

In spite of many, many plans to end the Iraq war, which, as a practical matter, is no plan at all, would it be insulting to submit that one major political party has no serious interest in this war going really well at all? In consideration of the evidence, would it take a genius to grasp the broad array of tactics used by some to obstruct and undermine the conduct of this war? Is the practice of fomenting unrest and distrust of government, the threat of withdrawal of funding and the focus on distracting, unrelated events seem a familiar tactic?

I wish this whole misguided attempt to bring civilization to the willingly barbaric had never happened. I’m saddened by those who refuse to support America, it’s leaders or the US Military, no matter what the endeavor.

I fear for the future of my nation, at once a beacon of light to the world, and a source of derision and ridicule at home. I see a formerly celebrated and emulated culture torn at it’s foundations by splinter groups of self perpetuating victims, clamoring for entitlements, special legal status and a feminized nanny state providing cradle to grave handouts.

I wonder what America will look like in 50 years.

Assuming we survive till then.