americanhaters.gif                                                                     Last weekend, gatherings around the country took place consisting of people of various schools of thought about America and the war on terror. For primarily political  reasons, the war in Iraq and the war in Afghanistan have become mutually exclusive. Somehow, fighting a war in Afghanistan against Islamist thugs is different from the war against Islamic thugs in Iraq. Nuance isn’t my strong suit.

Attendance was fairly light as a percentage of the population but  it was chilly and all. News coverage was equally light considering the gravity of the situation in Iraq . Even those bloggers I know who hit the streets with the “Impeach Bush and Cheney” signs had little to say about the events.

Of course, we all saw highlights of the Washington, DC protest featuring Hanoi Jane and those cute Code pink mavens and my favorite America hater, Cindy Sheehan. Accompanying the professional civil disobedience crowd were all the usual suspects: ANSWER (communist front group), NOW, PETA, Sierra Club, Muslim Students Association, the “Bush and Moussad did 911” screwballs, and a wide variety of anarchist, anti-globalisation and anti-capitalist groups and many other America Last organizations. We musn’t leave out representatives of the Hollywood office of the foreign policy institutes and war colleges and the “I act, therefore I’m brilliant” club.

 This comes as no surprise and is guaranteed by the Constitution.

What is surprising was a seeming disregard for just who the enemy is and why we fight.

Rather than launch into everything I have learned about Islamic ideology and theology, I’ve decided to list some references.  With a world of work to do most folks will not have the time to study as I have. You’ll need serious motivation to gain a command of this stuff. However, most of life is incremental and this is the way I became more and more well informed and I’m very glad I did.

So, here goes:, a great video source, for a daily worldwide sampling of terrorist activities and commentary,  for a serious archive of resources., a look at  middle eastern TV news, and shows with the regional perspective in mind. And Daniel Pipes, an educator and authority on Islam. Careful, you just might get hooked.

I could blather on and on about those who do not support our country’s effort to suppress those who would enslave mankind in a medieval soup of punishment and barbarism, none too pleasant compared with civilization as we know it, but I won’t.

I could also speak volumes about the treatment women suffer if they adhere faithfully to the teachings of Mohammed (PBUH) and mind their men, but anyone with eyes can see.

Let’s see what the experts say from a 21st century perspective about a 7th century vision of the world and all that  it entails over the months ahead.

I hope you come along for the ride.