Al Gore, High Priest of the enviro-socialist movement to restrain trade, cripple economic growth and massively increase financial burdens on capitalism in general, has convinced many millions that the sky is falling and death and destruction will be the fate of billions if the doctrines of the church are ignored. Film at 11.

 The Church of the Searing Orb, or as congregants love to refer to the planet, “Mother Earth”, has established a stronghold with an otherwise doubting public. Considering just 32 years ago, when Newsweek printed an expose’ claiming ice would overwhelm humanity and  scientist’s proposed a blanket of coal dust be spread over the polar ice caps to aid in melting thus saving humanity from the oncoming ice age, thing’s sure have changed fast.

Eco-alarmism ? Well, yeah.

Now, with the latest round of propoganda, the Church has big plans for the fallout from an easily duped public, honing in on the special human need to feel morally superior.  Corporations, beholden to customers to buy products and fearing public boycott, have readily given access to the enviro-extortionists, providing partnerships with publicly owned companies and forcing submission to social and economic changes that no one in America voted for.

While global warming has wide support from some scientists and even the illiterate, the junk science has been cleverly hidden in plain sight. Exaggerations must be overlooked when the salvation of mankind is in the balance. Gore has had virtually no challengers politically primarily because dissidents may be characterized as unfriendly to bunnies or polar bears or might “offend’ the worshippers of the earth godess.  Young people across the globe, weary of chanting “Bush is a Nazi” and “Death to America” readily warm to this new, feel good, universal socialist project.

Even by radical estimates, at most 3.5% of global climate conditions can be , if you stretch it a little, attributed to human action.   That means 96.5% of the time, people are so small and insignifigant, nothing we do will change a thing.  Nothing, except maybe nuclear war.  Also, a new term is being used to describe the phenonomon: climate change, usefully moving away from catastrophic images to the minor alteration of the earths average temperatures that historically take place, saving face for scientists who forecast the big one that never came.

Considering basically any actions taken by humans might, or might not, effect a tiny percentage of global conditions, and that in the negative, that is the effort produces a result measured by what DOES NOT happen, ( statistically undetectable annual climate change) and that in 50 to 75 years (imagine issuing statistics about the weather decades in advance) just how did this become the predominate issue for enviro-worshippers?

One answer is the Chief Priest Al Gore. He wrote “Earth in the Balance”, insisting the world was rapidly approaching destruction and requiring the removal of the gasoline combustion engine.  You know, like the one in 99% of cars. Then, with an eye toward funding subordinate proselytizers, he starred in a for profit docu-drama explaining, on an eighth grade level, that the end of the world is near and the time for repentance is now.

Movies are powerful things. You sit in the dark, eating a comfort food, relaxed and available for the message. Undivided attention. Willingly submissive.  Your whole mindset is “Tell me the story.” Be careful what you submit yourself to.

Unfortunately, pop culture icons are difficult to overcome considering worship of such in America is rampant. And, if you saw it in a movie, separating reality from fiction requires an effort most are unwilling to make, especially if it’s supposed to be fact. Since most make no attempt to educate themselves beyond radio and the visual media, entire belief systems are gleaned from pop music, TV and movies, for better or worse.

Environmental worship seems to say little about the character of a person iIF you believe good intentions outweigh the means to achieve them. It does speak volumes about fear and how easily injected into real life it can be by a semi-cartoon.

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