Is there any truth to this cartoon?

Will this cartoon spark riots and destruction throughout the Islamic communities of the world?

Will anti-Israeli politicos cry foul and demand retraction?

Will anti-semites insist on firing the perpetrator of this obvious hoax?

Will you ask yourself why this mans best buds are in Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela and Palestine?

Will you ponder why 14 associates of this man resigned from his foundation?

Will there ever be a day when this man will publicly debate his new book and answer critics about misstatements, fabrications, false analogies and plagiarized materials contained therein?

Will you ask yourself: if you recieved millions of dollars from multiple middle eastern nations, including the Saudis, wouldn’t you tend to favor their causes? 

Will anything this man does ever make up for being on the wrong side of history for the last 30 years?

Will you let your mind wander to a time when there isn’t a former American president wandering the planet, advising and comforting third world police states and terrorists?

 Nice, huh?