Disgusted with the ouster of  his pick for United States Senate, Cuban leader Fidel Castro has elected to choose a new Democrat candidate to root on to power. With John Kerry abstaining, the field is still flush with potential supporters, all awaiting the blessing of El’Commandante’.

The ailing communist dictator, currently recuperating in Spain and under the care of Spanish doctors even though Cubas socialized medicine is the finest in the western hemisphere, is expected to announce his choice soon. And it had better be.

In other related events, a source close to the most courageous human being this side of Jimmy Carter, let it be known that Castros brother, Raul, will lead the glorious revolution upon his demise.

Miami Cuban exile groups have pledged to resist the urge to retake the island paradise after Fidel succumbs to his illness, preferring to lure His Excellency’s brother Raul  into inviting them to restore the nation to it’s former pre-Fidel elegance. Michael Corleone has been solicited to act as agent for the aging, now mostly wealthy,exiles.

Unlike Mexico, which receives massive cash payments from the US, Cubas economy is bouyed by sugar, nickel, tobacco, and tourism, although not American tourists, and despite decades of glorious collectivist economic policies and state control of it’s economy, as well as really swell auto mechanics keeping it’s antique collection of Chevys, Packards and Edsels running, Cuba finds itself desperately in need of cash flow.

On an economic high note, just not for Cubans, Che Guevara t-shirt sales are brisk in the US. The Maryland Institute College of Art, whatever that is, called the photo used on the shirts “the most famous photograph in the world and a symbol of the 20th century.” Ouch.

Despite a state controlled planned economy, and intense wage/price controls and government rationing of goods, and a current 22% unemployment rate, the authorities hold faithfully to existing policies, blaming America for any problems they may be having.  Losing the massive aid from the former Soviet Union may be a tiny factor as well.  Dan (fake, but accurate) Rather once called the Cuban Premier “Cubas own Elvis!”  “It’s a shame Fidel never made any records” lamented Mr. Rather, “the government could have made a bundle and then redistributed the wealth accordingly.”  Probably not.

The peoples path to utopia has been slightly trampled by otherwise well intentioned comrades, with the islands inhabitants only needing everyday staples to complete a well rounded life such as jobs, homes, schools, freedom of speech, free press, to assemble and so on. A small price to pay for an opportunity to establish perfect Marxist harmony and equality among the masses. Upon the establishment of a democratic state, the economy also faces the release of thousands of political prisoners which will have an effect, as yet undetermined.

Recent public outpouring of friendship from Venezuela’s Leftist El’ Presidente Hugo Chavez and that whacky, madcap Cindy Sheehan have bolstered the peoples confidence in an uneventful transfer of power between the Castro brothers. Proclaimed Ms. Sheehan, America’s radical Marxist darling, ” Solidarity has never been greater between the Peoples Republic of Cuba and your American supporters and we look forward to eventual overthrow of the Nazi regime in Washington!! Do Cubans like the color pink, because I have lots of these pretty t-shirts…”

Americas’ ban on some trade with the communist island oasis may be lifted once free Cubans regain a say in policy matters and the prospect of free elections are realized.  Only time will tell just where negotiations will take relations with the US and it’s hoped the vote will return self respect and confidence in government to the Cuban people.

Another failed Marxist/communist/socialist regime? Certainly.  Viva’ la Cuba!!06_08_02_castroectomy-x.gif