The term liberal has been hijacked.

The term used to mean one who acted in an openhandedly generous  manner towards his fellow man. A liberal thinker sought to free himself from convention. Creativity and tolerance were paramount and leniency regarding judgement of others for humility’s sake was the order of the day. And in the rare case, it still does.

Nowadays, the term has been applied to the extreme ideologues who leave the above definition in the dust.

Modern liberalism more often denotes radicalism, unconventional attitudes and unorthodox behavior.

I’m never shocked anymore when any Supreme Court nominee is presented to the Senate, the candidates position on abortion is the very first thing pointed out. Always.

I’m also perplexed that anyone would think redistributing wealth was a good idea, especially when it’s somebody elses dough.

I’m pleasantly surprised when liberal politicians support any attempt to defend the nation, and not surprised when they change their minds.

I’m dissapointed when attempts are made to cover up a hidden agenda wrapped in a feel good cause using children as bait.

 I’m amazed at the recent tendency to discard stalwarts of the liberal cause for the new kid on the block.

I’m baffled that the short sighted, pandering and appeasement avenue is always the route of first choice.

The great word liberal has been stolen, and radical “progressives”, secular humanists and those with a penchant for totalitarian attitudes like “shut the hell up, you idiot” do this wonderful term an incredible disservice.

Someone call the cops.