• I showed this photo to my wife last night and she made some clever, funny comments, or so she thought, until we discussed just what we were seeing.  Was this a pointless family photo as the caption had said, or is this garb an example of blatant sexism that has been ignored by feminists worldwide ?

 In the good old days of feminism, equal pay for equal work and freedom from laws that categorized a man’s wife and children as property to do with as he wished headlined the cause.  My own mother was treated this way, abused by my father and treated as the oldest child when the police came to settle the inevitable domestic dispute. Divorce laws, property settlement and child visitation has changed dramatically since then. So has a woman’s place in the world, for the most part, for the better.

So, why do we have world of women whose lives have been drastically altered for the better, enjoying wide ranging benefits of all types including money and power, ignoring the plight of women subjigated by the medieval piggish behavior of men? Is it none of their business? Is it beyond more modern imperatives of feminized women to seek simply abortion rights and acceptance of lesbian behavior?

I remember absolutely no protests, marches, or demonstrations of any kind when Bill Clinton was publicly exposed as a lech and misogynist.  Wonder why that was?

I remember no public apology when Clarence Thomas was framed in sick, vulgar terms by a feminist activist, obviously lying, and not a peep from mainstream feminists decrying the lynching of an honest man. Wonder why again…

With the American public finally being educated about Islam and it’s teachings and the shocking  treatments prescribed for women , most developed in the 7th century, wouldn’t you think feminists would develop a loud voice aimed at freeing these obviously opressed sisters from the clutches of power hungry, controlling men?

While it’s true not all Islamic believers regard 7th century lessons from Mohammed as up to the minute practices that must be adhered to or your not being “Muslim enough”. But tens of millions do, if not more.

 My dear wife, seeing the head to toe covered Muslim women said, ” I would die. These hot flashes would kill me in one of those.” 

I completely agree. These women are continually dying in a lot of ways and no one seems to try and help.