A few years ago, I may have recieved a visit from the authorities asking about the hate-filled conspiracy theory about radical Mexican Americans and others who are actively working to retake old Mexico back from the gringos lost in a war long ago.

Now, with illegal alien totals in at least the 12,000,000 range and growing daily and apparently no one, and I mean no one, willing to do anything about it, the theory is rapidly becoming reality.

There are at least a couple of different ways to characterize the invasion:

 Hard working, poor and illiterate refugees from a third world nation, yearning to be free and feed their families are moving north to capture the American dream and deliver their allegiance and industry to their great neighbor Uncle Sam and hoping for the privilege of becoming citizens.

(cue up Battle Hymn of the Republic)   OR:

 Hard working, poor and illiterate refugees, fleeing a repressive,corrupt, incompetent government, trek northward seeking employment, free medical benefits, free schooling for their children, housing vouchers,food stamps, citizenship for any children born in America, and a Western Union location to send tax-free cash back (the second largest portion of the Mexican economy) to other poor, illiterate family and friends.

Sheer numbers allow the retaking of lost land (Los Angeles has more Mexicans than any city on earth except Mexico city) and the states rimming the southwest US have prisons, and welfare offices, filled with illegal immigrants.  Mexican gangs in California have forced a merger of Crips and Bloods just to survive. Not surprisingly, no official  population statistics are available on illegals, but Mexican rehabitation of the American southwest is very substantial and growing.

So what you say? America is a land of diversity, rich and hearty, able to absorb any influx of the worlds poor and besides, were the melting pot of the world.

Yeah right. If the Mexicans and other third worlders intended to meld into society, assimilate into our culture, become tax payers and learn English, then we have common ground. Most do not, any more than a few years in Mexico would alter our own allegiance to any foreign state.(except for Johnny Depp, who lives in France)

I’ve heard the name of a new union of souls in North America: MEXAMERICANADA

Imagine, one giant borderless conglomerate, union wide courts and law enforcement and a Tri-State military, not to mention one giant economic zone. Nafta got the ball rolling.

If I had this in mind for America, why would I build a wall? Deport aliens? Stress over costs of government handouts?

Sound nutty? Yes. But it all adds up. Let’s wait and see.